Robert C. Still, Jr., P.E., L.E.E.D. A.P.

Director of Structural Engineering

What I do:

At CRANSTON, I am fortunate to lead a great group of structural engineers since 2019 in both personal and professional development.  While we provide “engineering solutions”, it’s not all we do.  We partner with our clients and peers to develop engineering solutions that focus on constructability, cost effectiveness, clear and readable drawings, and code compliance.

As the director of structural engineering, I also guide the structural department’s vision, strategy, and growth as we continue our vision to empower EVERY community in the heart of the Southeast to thrive.

My Professional Experience: 

Over the course of my 25-year career, I have been fortunate to design structures for many different loading types, from high-seismic founded on poor soils to blast design and progressive collapse using push-over analyses.  My work has involved the lates (and some not-so-modern) building materials, including structural steel, concrete, masonry, and wood.

Living and working in the Low Country of South Carolina also has allowed for me the opportunity to study and use historic components such as clay masonry, timbers, and limestone mortars and concretes that have been used for centuries!  What I am the proudest about, however, is my impact on those around me as CRANSTON empowers not only our communities to thrive, but also our team, which helps us fulfill our mission.

My Education:

  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, The Citadel

Why “empowering communities to thrive” is so important to me:

“Empowering communities to thrive” is more than just a nice catch phrase.  It embodies and defines the noble principles of engineering.  At its very basis, the foundation of engineering is community.  Successful, thriving communities are essential to our families, our way of life, and our profession.  So, I realize that successful, desirable, sustainable, and resilient communities all have one thing in common : engineers (and engineering projects).  Our mission is important because engineering has the ability to positively impact not only those that are close to us, but communities at large, and that’s a pretty special feeling.