CRANSTON has been leveraging its diverse civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, planning, and surveying expertise for more than half a century to make communities across the heart of the Southeast safer, healthier, more accessible, better connected, resilient, sustainable, fun, and prosperous.

Over the years, the firm has built a successful legacy as a trusted partner in leading collaborative, transformative change and guiding its project partners and communities through even the most complex infrastructure challenges.
Every day, CRANSTON empowers communities to thrive.

The CRANSTON team shares a wealth of experience – from planning new residential communities, maintaining historic canal systems and dams, and designing sustainable parks and other recreational infrastructure, to serving municipalities, improving educational systems, expanding hospital facilities, and upgrading roads and bridges – with its project partners and the communities it serves.

It’s a collective experience that allows the team to collaborate confidently with the firm’s project partners – partners who share CRANSTON’s community-driven mission – to design infrastructure solutions with a level of collaborative excellence that combines creativity, innovation, sustainability, and integrity.

CRANSTON grew out of a merger in 1967 between Baldwin Engineering Company and Cranston Associates. The combined firm, headed by CRANSTON founder Craig Cranston, became Baldwin & Cranston Associates and, eventually, CRANSTON.

CRANSTON now serves its project partners and communities from full-service offices in Augusta, Ga., SC Midlands, Charleston, S.C., and Hilton Head, S.C.

Our Mission

We empower communities to thrive.
Here’s what that means. We’re committed to the following:
  • Leveraging our civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, planning, and surveying expertise, ignited by a legacy of passion, diverse experience, and Integrity, to transform the communities we serve and empower them to thrive.
  • Making our communities safer and healthier, as well as more accessible, better connected, resilient, sustainable, fun, and prosperous; solving their infrastructure problems and improving their quality of life.
  • Creating opportunities for CRANSTON team members to: contribute significantly to challenging projects; collaborate with others; innovate; and grow professionally, in line with the growth and success of the firm.


We value…


A collaborative culture allows us to leverage our diversity of expertise and experience to achieve superior results.


Trust means everything to us, and we strive to earn it through long-term relationships built on a foundation of respect, reliability, fairness, and honesty.


We make it a priority to help guide communities and clients through a rigorous, collaborative process aimed at resolving complex infrastructure design challenges with innovative, cost-effective solutions that promote sustainability and improved quality of life.

Drive for excellence

We foster a learning culture that leverages a diversity of technical expertise, shared experience, and strong leadership from our team and partner network to drive excellence and achieve the best design solutions possible.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We take ownership of and responsibility for our work and our collective success, encouraging an employee culture that places a high value on individual creative initiative, exploration of new ideas, innovation, and a bold pursuit of transformative change.


The CRANSTON team is committed to making our communities safer and healthier, as well as more accessible, resilient, fun, and prosperous. And we engineer it all with technical expertise, imaginative vision, and integrity.

At the core of our commitment is our passionate team of talented civil and structural engineers, landscape architects, planners, surveyors, and other creative professionals, all motivated by transformative projects, collaborative excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit, career growth opportunities, and the ability to make a significant impact on the communities we serve.

CRANSTON, an HFW Partner firm since June 2022, is part of a growing national network of legacy consulting firms in the architectural and engineering industry that have joined forces strategically with The HFW Companies (HFW) to reshape collaborative infrastructure design.

The HFW Partner Network provides for CRANSTON a unique ability to leverage the national network’s diverse expertise in civil and structural engineering, architecture and interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, and planning, as well as its innovation and other collaborative resources to support one another and the greater good of our clients on a national scale.