Transportation and Construction Engineering Inspection

Empowering communities to thrive

CRANSTON has spent more than half a century dedicated to transforming the communities we serve into thriving hubs of work, play, education, good health, culture, and life.

We share a wealth of diverse and collaborative expertise and experience in civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, planning, and land surveying to design infrastructure solutions that lift up our communities.

We engineer hospitals, schools, senior living centers, and municipal complexes. We design innovative parks, recreational areas, and trails, as well as the roads and bridges to get there. We beautify streetscapes, and we facilitate meaningful and sustainable community identities.

We protect communities with stormwater systems that work and dams that stand up to severe weather.

We identify, secure, and manage grant funding for community infrastructure projects. We guide builders in bringing their dreams to life. We ensure that construction projects are completed successfully, on point, on budget, and on time. And we preserve history.

Indeed, we resolve complex infrastructure challenges with an integrated continuum of creative solutions from across our wide spectrum of expertise to make our communities safer. Healthier. More accessible. Better connected. Resilient. Sustainable. Fun. And prosperous.

That’s how we empower communities to thrive.