Capital Funding Program Management

CRANSTON, for more than a half-century, has collaborated with communities like yours across the heart of the Southeast to bring their capital program-planning visions to life. Our teams of civil and structural engineers, landscape architects, planners, and surveyors all leverage their infrastructure design experience on behalf of those communities to elevate their quality of life.

We transform their downtowns. We improve their roadways, bridges, and storm water management systems, and we help develop new industrial and residential sites. CRANSTON connects residents with new walking and bike trails, parks and amphitheaters, streetscapes, libraries, public safety facilities, and improved airport facilities.

Just as importantly, though, we also can help communities overcome one of the biggest challenges to capital planning success: finding and managing funding alternatives/opportunities to help pay for it.

Consider this: CRANSTON team members over the years have successfully facilitated and managed upwards of $100 million in grant funding for a broad range of important capital projects over the years.

CRANSTON’s capital funding program management team will help your community effectively identify and apply for available state and federal grants, loans, and appropriations aimed at supporting your highest-priority infrastructure projects. This funding then would allow you to make available tax revenue and municipal bonding efforts for other priority projects.

Our team’s collaboration doesn’t end with the funding, either. Once you’re awarded a grant, our team will help you manage the spending, compliance, and reporting requirements.

Where do we begin?

We work with community leaders up front to review their long-term capital programs and compare their goals with the funding resources they already have available, including fiscal-year budgets and anticipated collections over time. Then we look for other funding options and explore the possibility, for instance, of phasing projects, aligning the funding needs and capital planning timeframes to state and federal grant funding cycles to determine the most appropriate timing to launch projects.

The keys to any successful capital funding program are establishing strong relationships with the funding agencies and ensuring that municipalities meet or exceed the grant programs’ expectations.  CRANSTON brings a proven track record of success with many funding agencies, with many grants recurring from agencies based on the confidence developed through our relationships.

Our Capital Funding Program Management services include:

  • Developing strategic funding plans
  • Collaborating with teams to align your capital program goals with the right funding strategies
  • Researching and identifying potential funding sources to meet your needs and opportunities
  • Overseeing the writing and submission of your funding proposals and applications
  • Leveraging the strong relationships we have with key state and federal funding agencies
  • Managing the administration of your grant, including budget development, expenditure tracking, and reporting requirements
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of your funded projects on your overall capital plan