Civil Engineering/Water Resource Management

CRANSTON recognizes the power of water in determining the future of a community. To thrive, your community needs a steady, reliable supply of clean water to homes and businesses.  It needs systems to effectively flush and treat wastewater. And it needs innovative infrastructure to divert, retain, or hold back stormwater that otherwise can flood and destroy roads, homes, and entire communities.

For more than half a century, CRANSTON has served, from the mountains of Georgia and the Savannah River valley to the Midlands of South Carolina and the Low Country, as a leader in effective water resource management, designing innovative solutions that keep communities safe, healthy, and prosperous.

We offer a successful legacy of diverse water resource management expertise that includes complex studies and analyses, modeling for hydraulic capacity and performance, inspection, systems design and repair, coastal resilience, management of dams and levees, wetlands compliance, and the development of entire conservation communities.

Our water resource management solutions empower communities to thrive.

Our Water Resource Management services include:

  • Designing innovative stormwater detention and management systems
  • Analyzing and upgrading old and outdated stormwater systems
  • Inspecting, designing, repairing, and managing dams and levees
  • Creating environmentally sustainable landscapes that control and naturally filter stormwater
  • Civil and structural engineering for water treatment and distribution systems
  • Modeling and analysis for hydraulic capacity and performance (PCSWMM, ICPR, HEC-RAS, Innovyze, WaterCad, etc.)
  • Green infrastructure and low-impact design
  • Coastal- and stormwater-related resilience and sustainability consulting