Project Spotlight – Town of Bluffton Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC)

CRANSTON is often awarded IDC contracts with municipalities and other government entities. IDC contracts are most often used for on-call service contracts, Architect-Engineering services, and job order contracting. Awards are usually for a specified length of time (generally years) with extension options. These contracts typically do not exceed a total of five years in duration. In federal government contracting, this type of contract is referred to as an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.

When the municipality requests work under an IDC, we internally establish a new project so that all project management and accounting for that specific job are managed as one job although it is awarded through the overall IDC. To date, projects under the Town of Bluffton IDC include:

  • Wright’s Family Park
  • Posey Court Sewer Extension
  • Pritchard Street Sewer Extension
  • Bridge Street Sewer Extension
  • Simmons Street Sidewalk Extension and Pedestrian Bridge
  • Bridge Street Streetscape and Drainage Improvements
  • Law Enforcement Center Parking Expansion
  • Sewer Extension Phase V Construction Administration

Wright’s Family Park