Cooper mentions Robertson, Savannah River in Christmas article

The Sunday, December 22, 2019, edition of The Augusta Chronicle mentions the Savannah River in relation to lock and dam proponent CRANSTON Vice President Thomas H. Robertson.

Sylvia Cooper says, in part, “And Santa, please give powerful people ears to listen to the man who knows more about the Savannah River than anybody, Tom Robertson, president of CRANSTON in Augusta. He was a voice crying in the wilderness when he sounded the alarm in the following email Dec. 2, 2016, just 14 days before Congress passed that godawful dam deauthorizing WIIN Act: ‘The current Senate language will guarantee we will get the weir as the selected solution, and the latest concept for it, newly furnished by the Corps of Engineers to us … clearly shows that the pool above the weir will be permanently lowered to Elevation 112, or at least 3 feet below where it is now. This will not meet the requirements of the Consortium, nor of many other stakeholders to maintain the pool at the current level. To proceed otherwise will be a disaster for all stakeholders.’”

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