Surveying is integral in land development, from the planning and design of subdivisions, to the final construction of roads, utilities and landscaping. It brings both design and construction together to form a plan, and is a crucial component to many of our projects. Our team provides surveys for a variety of needs such as: flood plain definition, utility planning, accident reconstruction, as-built records, and easement location.  Our comprehensive surveys give our clients accurate depictions of the land, and provide essential technical details that can help with the scope of a project.

Our surveying services include:

  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Topographic Maps
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Volume Measurements
  • Hydrographic Charting
  • Wetlands Mapping
  • Global Position (GPS) Surveys
  • GIS Data Collection
  • 3D Point Cloud Creation
  • Monitoring Well Surveys
  • Property Research